We are an experienced,
tech focused Guild for the Wax project

  • Deep understanding of the EOS protocol, well known in the community
  • Run high performance validating nodes across multiple projects
  • Strong focus on tooling, we bring various community projects to Wax
  • Proven ability of running highly available, global infrastructure
  • Why stake with Block Matrix?

    Our infrastructure is built using enterprise grade hardware with a strong focus on performance and uptime. We want to ensure you get the maximum return from your stake with us.

    We have been building and deploying blockchain infrastructure for years. We have a deep understanding of the underlying protocols and we've won awards for our validation reliability on projects such as Cosmos.

    We operate with complete transparency - we are a registered company in the UK and own 100% of our business and all our team are visible and contactable, we'd love to hear from you!


  • Award winning blockchain infrastructure team
  • Multi datacenter with Geographic redundancy
  • Fully automated, immutable environments
  • Custom failover mechanism for validating nodes
  • Over 12 months of proven experience with EOS protocol
  • Government grade cloud security
  • DDoS prevention baked in
  • 3rd party audited infrastructure
  • How to stake with Block Matrix

    Navigate to the
    Wax account

    Connect Scatter 11
    and navigate to
    the Vote section

    Find our guild
    in the list
    and click Vote

    Get in touch
    with us if you
    have any questions

    Wax Dashboard