Block Matrix EOS.IO Block Producer Candidate

It is our belief that the EOS project will lead the industry into the next phase of innovation, commercial adoption and pioneer the next wave of decentralised, self-governing ecosystems. We are proud to be part of it!

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About Us

Our company is dedicated to developing quality applications and infrastructure that interact with blockchain technologies. Our team is comprised of experienced individuals from the technology and financial sectors. We operate with complete transparency, have many relationships throughout the crypto community and beyond, and have meticulous attention to detail for all product solutions we build.

Pete Cheyne


Pete has 18 years commercial experience building enterprise grade technology platforms with global scale that have been responsible for processing billions of dollars in transaction volume. He has been involved with blockchain technologies since 2011.

Chris Tuohy


Chris is a serial entrepreneur with a background in engineering and commodities trading. He has been active within the crypto space for several years and believes that blockchain technology will revolutionise almost every industry we know.

Alan Howard


Alan is an industry veteran within the financial sector. He has served on the New York Federal Reserve's investor advisory committee on financial markets and is the co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP.

Our Mission

You wont find us using any marketing buzzwords, we'd rather let our work speak for itself. Each member of our team is an expert in their chosen field, we believe that a small team of talented individuals can achieve great things.

We are currently finishing the designs for our cloud infrastructure to support the EOS network. We are excited to be part of this project and believe that we can deliver the right mix of performance, scale, stability and security which will ensure the EOS network is as robust as possible.

We understand that being a Block Producer isn't all about the tech. We are ready to engage the community, be active within the various remits of governance and offer full transparency for communication with other BP's and community members.

For a full breakdown of our candidacy proposal, please check out our Steemit article.




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